Who we are


Platinum Marine Services is a prominent example of a successful entrepreneurship, that has been founded in 2016 by a marine industry professional, Mr. Evren UŞAKLI, whom as of today still carries on his role as Managing Partner in the Company together with Mr. Cagatay TANYOLAC,and Mr. Ceki YENIFILIZ, where all three owners meet and combine their profound experience that's covering the last three decades of ample Turkish Shipping Industry.

The company has been established in Istanbul and the head-offices are located in the town of Tuzla, as widely acknowledged in community to be a dense core for the heavy presence of entire International Shipping Companies, calling either for building or repair/ maintenance works of any kind of craft designed to float.

By 2022 the Company has established it’s subsidiary Platinum Marine Services B.V. in Rotterdam, Netherlands with it’s gained momentum over the years in an effort to extend it’s services in the heart of Europe as well.

The Company, since the foundation keeps a well proven track record of a continuous and robust growth, supported by it’s diversified-skill employee structure, pivoting around it’s broad Client network and topping it with it’s cutting edge of quality in each and every solution provided to it’s Clients.

The Company, as of today reached a total number of 50 permanent staff, mainly ex Shipyard professionals spent decades in big-business over various disciplines, thus containing a deep know-how and often enabling the luxury and comfort to it’s Clients as a “one-call-solution provider” managing the task through a delicate pool of premium qualified labour or suppliers under strict supervision or collaboration phases.

The Company, without compromise aims on an uninterrupted Client service quality and safety within best competitive terms prevailing in respected markets.

Through this vision of Company, the three core activities governed are; Technic and Project, Ship Chandling / Technical Supply,  and Spare Part / Representations.

The Company assures to be a client focused, straight-forward, friendly, highly committed, reliable, innovative company, that can provide tailor made solutions in quickest, most economical way with premium quality of products and services in order to establish long term relations with all of its clients.

We serve excellence timely and economically…