Human Resources

Human resources can be defined as the efficient use of manpower in line with the company's goal and meeting the employee's expectations and ensuring their development. According to this definition, human resources aim, on the one hand, to work with high performance in the company, and to increase the quality of life of employees on the other. Therefore, human resources have a balance-providing feature such as increasing labor productivity and ensuring that the person is satisfied with their job. The main purpose of human resources management is to employ human resources in the most effective and efficient way. Human Resources, determining the need for personnel for the job, announcing personnel, selecting appropriate personnel and adapting them to corporate culture, motivation of employees, performance evaluation, conflict resolution, providing relations and communication between individuals and the group, restructuring, formation of the corporate climate, training and development of employees It covers applications.


In general, education is a tool that increases the creative power and efficiency of the society, ensures the training of the necessary quality and quantity of personnel for the realization of the development effort, and gives people the opportunity to grow up according to their abilities in the society. In enterprises, it is aimed to provide positive development in the knowledge skills and behaviors of the employees by applying various training programs in order to make the labor force employed more efficient. In order to be successful in conditions of increasing competition in the sector, they must have a workforce equipped with various knowledge, skills and abilities, highly motivated and harmonized with the goals of the enterprise. There has been a transition from the industrial society to the information society, the employees have been turned into knowledge workers, and the importance of creating and sharing knowledge has emerged. It is possible to increase the competitiveness of the company with training. In order for our employees to keep up with the economic, social, technological and organizational changes experienced in the enterprises, we provide continuous and planned trainings within our organization.