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For Boilers


Platinum Marine Services is representing one of the most relaible and experienced boiler repair company from Greece, exclusively in Turkey and as non exclusively for the rest of the World.

The company MBR Ltd has been founded in early seventies by Mr. Nick Souvleris offering services in marine boilers' repairs section.

Historically, the company has undertaken numerous projects in field of shipping and industry. Today, the company is on top of preference of the Marine Boiler Repairs and Utilities energy facilities, with a strong presence in Greece and abroad.

The company undertakes the re-construction, repair and maintenance of energy and marine and industrial hydraulic systems:

  • Main and auxiliary Marine Boilers
  • High pressure and heating industrial boilers
  • Exhaust Gas Economizers and Exhaust Gas Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers: Heaters, Coolers, Evaporators, etc.
  • Piping work
  • Incinerators