Sustainability and Ethical Values


Our Mission: In an institutional structure; to provide customer-specific, fast, high quality, innovative, economic and diversified products and services domestically and internationally.

Our Vision: Regardless of the scope, time and place of the requested support, being a reliable and leading brand that meets all the needs of international maritime companies and being preferred with its product, service and quality differences.

Environmental Policy: We accept that any kind of damage to the environment in any part of the world we live in is a problem for all of us and threatens us all.

In this context, our company;

. To prevent environmental pollution by continuously improving our environmental management

system and performance,

. To comply with environmental laws and regulations,

. To use recycled raw materials / operating materials,

. To minimize our waste by managing our processes effectively and efficiently,

. To provide training to make our employees and subcontractor personnel sensitive to

environmental problems and to increase their awareness,

. To manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all of our activities, with a sense of

social responsibility,

. To help develop and disseminate the best environmental solutions, practices, and environmentally

friendly technologies beyond legal obligations,

. To support all kinds of initiatives that will increase environmental awareness,

. To be an exemplary business that is sensitive to the environment in the field in which we operate,

is committed.

Social Responsibility Policy: Our company is managed with an understanding that prioritizes respect for people and the natural environment.

In this context, our company;

. Working in harmony with our shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders,

. To ensure that our employees use their personal rights completely and correctly,

. To provide an honest, safe, healthy and peaceful working environment for our employees,

. To keep the balance between the work life and private life of our employees,

. Not to discriminate among our employees for reasons such as race, religion, language, gender, political opinion,

. To protect the health of our employees,

. To strive for the development of our society within the framework of the corporate social responsibility principle,

. To support our employees in the activities they will take part in with a sense of social responsibility,

. To be sensitive to the traditions and culture of our country and to act in accordance with all legal regulations,

is committed.

All of our Managers and Employees, especially our General Manager, are responsible for corporate social responsibility

practices throughout our company.

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